Is Cloudflare really doing me good?

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If you refer to my record, you will know that this blog is on Openshift 's Amazon US EC2.
So, in order to "boost" a little bit, I used a CDN- just like everyone does.
1. I do not want to push Openshift too hard- since AWS 's fee is calculated by traffic, I like to save a little bit to help Redhat to make it free.
2.Cloudflare is free- and no traffic or speed limit.
Well, what we think is that since CDN have servers all over the world, your user's traffic would be routed to the nearest server to make it quick.
BUT, I am wrong this time.
With any remote Ping tool on the Internet, you will find out that all your traffic are routed to the US West servers. Ah, forgot to mention, you have to set your DNS to Cloudflare's DNS.
So, it means that ALL your traffic would go through US West.
BUT, hell, AWS is in US East, and I am in Canada East!  The speed is driving me crazy.
So you know what to do: Think twice before you "take advantage" of the free CDN.

2 thoughts on “Is Cloudflare really doing me good?

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