Customize Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop on macOS

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Recently I got 2 sets of Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard & Mouse Bundle ( for use in office and at home.

Quick review:

  • The wrist rest for the keyboard is soft: but easy to get dirty
  • Note F keys are button rather than ordinary keys. Do not purchase if you need F keys often.
  • Key is easy to type on
  • Buttons on the mouse are soft
  • Note the keypad is separate. If you need the keypad often, consider
  • Note if you purchase the mouse and the keyboard separately you will have 2 USB-A dongles: but the full set only requires 1 dongle if you get the set version. You cannot separate the set: and dongle is not reprogrammable.

Another version of this keyboard exists as

To get this keyboard & mouse working on macOS you will need the following list of software:

all of them are open source.


  1. Change the switch on the right corner of the keyboard to Fn
  2. Go to, select the keyboard,
    • switch the left command and option keys
    • map right_gui to mouse5(Mouse buttons-button5)
    • Remap F7~F9 to match the keyboard symbols.
  3. Open Adjust the scrolling as needed. Maybe in\verse the scrolling.
  4. Open Enable it.


  • F keys will map the media keys
  • Command and Option keys match Mac keyboards
  • Scrolling is smoothed
  • Back key on the mouse is back; Windows key is forward(at least in Chrome)


  • Calculator key: it’s not showing up in keyboard events
  • Double-tap is missing since no mouse would support tapping except for Magic Mouse 2

3 thoughts on “Customize Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop on macOS

  1. Johnny

    This was very helpful!

    For me, the mouse back and (win) forward buttons are working in chrome without the

  2. Paul

    Hello, have you got this keyboard working on a Mac OS Catalina or Mojave? I have the Sculpt desktop and the mouse works pretty much plug and play. but the OS doesn’t seem to recognize the keyboard at all. Thank you.

  3. Beining Post author

    I use Mojave myself and did noticed such issue once.

    I guess you must be using some sort of USB hub – make sure that you are using the USB-A on the USB-C hub. i.e., no hub over hub.


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