A fix of GFW’blocking WordPress under complex environment

A fix of GFW'blocking WordPress under complex environment


Maybe it 's for I am outside the GFW, I do not really know that Openshift had been banned by GFW- or least partly.
To fix this, one of the easiest ways is to use a CDN to "boost" a alias binded to your gear, and change your setting of website.
But, this has a little problem for me.
Firstly, I just moved to this blog, and links of pictures and CSSes are big problems, for they are pointing to my real URL, which is blocked.
Secondly, to access this blog quickly, I made a little change to wp-config.php.(www.superwbd3.tk/2013/02/diary-wordpresss-multi-domains/) to add another alias, superwbd3.tk, in order to visit it directly.
My original idea is not to let CDN impair my visit, but if I enable this, I cannot change the website of WordPress.
Catch 22.

So, here 's my way so fix this:

This is based on Openshift, but should work everywhere.
1. Use CDN on your alias.
2.You can keep the change in wp-config.php. Won't hurt you.
3.Add phpmyadmin on your blog.
[important]4.Make a backup of your database. Operations next cannot been reverse, and may cause permanent amage.[/important]
4.Replace your old domain to a new CDN-accelerated one:
To replace post_content:

UPDATE wp_posts
SET post_content =
REPLACE (post_content, '@@@-###.rhcloud.com', 'www.superwbd3.tk');

If pictures are attachments, change GUID:

UPDATE wp_posts  SET
guid = REPLACE (guid,'@@@-###.rhcloud.com', 'www.superwbd3.tk') WHERE post_type = 'attachment';

And update all CSSes' URL:

UPDATE  wp_options  SET
option_value = REPLACE (option_value,'@@@-###.rhcloud.com', 'www.superwbd3.tk')

Now have a try.
If failed, check:
Is your CDN 's IP address also banned?
Did you change everything? Are your CSSes' URL new ones?

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