Openshift, Openshift, how can your mysql be so slow?!

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As everyone knows, this blog is on Openshift.

And, slow as you can see.

This is not normal: so I tried to fix it.

Cache, CDN, cut some part of the pages…..

nothing really helped.

I use pingdom to help me:

And, what it said is:

7 secs. for waiting for reply

2secs for load js, css etc. , which is reasonable.


So….WTF makes the waitting time sooooooooooooo long?


plugins? Rarely do I use them.

sidebars? I cut some of them, well, a little bit better, but still very slow.

CDN? But it is fast everywhere except on my blog…

DNS? Doesn’t make sense…


I think I won’t  know the answer until I put a line in my footer.php:

And what I got is:

25 queries in 5.492 seconds

After I optimised my DB and deleted all the useless lines in it….


So, now I enabled a cache.

For the first time to open a page, it would be slow as usual ; then, much better in 30 min.


But hell the problem still exist….

To be continued….

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